Why Seismic Retrofits are Good for your Business

One way you can protect your investment is to check if your building is sitting on top of a liquefaction zone and see if seismic retrofits are a great solution. When your property sits on a liquefaction zone, your building is prone to damage and risk for your tenants and for you. Liquefaction is when the ground beneath loses its strength due to large amounts of stress, which can occur during an earthquake. Of course, we have to make sure that your building can withstand all of that.

Since the state of California, and even Los Angeles, in particular, is an earthquake-prone vicinity, it is important to always prepare for “the Big One” or a massive earthquake that could potentially destroy lives and the economy. Earthquakes cannot be predicted and the only way you can protect yourself as a businessman is to future-proof your building. Here are some of the reasons why getting seismic retrofits are good for your building is a wise step as an entrepreneur.

Seismic Retrofits Can Lower Insurance Premiums

If you have an earthquake insurance policy and your building gets damaged from the earthquake, your insurance can help, but since processing can take time, you would have to take out money from your own pocket first. As for when you get your building retrofitted, not only do you save cost by minimizing the damages in your building, you can also lower your earthquake insurance premiums.

Seismic Retrofits Can Give You More Business

Seismic Retrofits are done mainly for the safety of the tenants and the customers inside your building. So ultimately, getting a retrofit will give your customers the assurance that they are in a safe space, and thus would mean you will have repeat customers who trust the foundation of your property. Of course, more people who can vouch for your business would mean that you can earn more profit, and that’s just because of the building’s structure.

Seismic Retrofits Can Increase Marketability

Safety really plays a big factor in the marketability of your building, especially if it’s an apartment building where people are looking to spend their days and nights in. If your property looks safe and adheres to the building standards of Los Angeles, plus if it has beautiful interiors and exteriors, then the property will do most of the selling for you, you just have to nudge your potential customers to the right direction. Seismic retrofits can take care of the buildings’ safety for you while you take care of making the space a great space for living for your tenants.

When you decide to get your building retrofitted, make sure that you have a tenant habitability plan in place and properly notify your tenants beforehand. It’s also nice to make them understand that the undertaking is necessary for the safety of everyone in the building. Better tenant coordination will also help in making your soft story retrofit project smoother.

Future-Proof your Business

Seismic retrofits can help make sure that your building can survive earthquakes and stay standing in the years to come. Since it is now mandatory to have vulnerable buildings get a soft story retrofit, it won’t hurt to have your building checked and see if you can benefit from a retrofitted building.

Get a Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit

Aside from the decision to get seismic retrofits for your business, it is also equally important to hire the best soft story retrofit contractor to do the job. You have to make sure that the quality of the job done is high because there is no way to measure your structure’s sturdiness unless a violent earthquake happens. The safety of your tenants and your investments is simply something you should not take to chance on. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry especially that earthquakes are natural phenomena that could strike anytime.

These are just some of the benefits of getting seismic retrofits for your buildings. It can improve marketability, safety, and possibly profit. Now the next question is, who do you go to if you need to make your building an earthquake-resilient structure?

Our twenty years of experience in the construction and design industry gives us an edge when it comes to getting your building earthquake-resilient. You will be assigned a particular project manager that will oversee the construction, making sure it stays within schedule and budget. Call us today and let’s start planning your Los Angeles soft story retrofit our amazing team of experts can’t wait to do business with you.

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