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Retrofitting 360 is a boutique retrofit company specializes in construction & management of the Soft Story Retrofit process. Just like the logo says, we cover all aspects of the retrofitting process starting with cost effective design & engineering, permit submission, Tenant Habitability Program (THP), construction and tenant management as well as obtaining the certificate of compliance & cost recovery assistance.

Since early 2016 , our professional team members have collectively worked on over 250 soft story retrofit projects in the greater Los Angeles area, Santa Monica ,Marina Del Ray and we are currently in various stages of engineering and permitting of approx 160 more.

We understand the challenges that comes with retrofitting a building and that’s why we invest a great deal of time in creating cost effective designs that fits the specific needs of your building in order to reduce construction time and the inconvenience that comes with it.We are licensed, insured and bonded general contractor and our management team consist of industry professional with years of experience in the construction and seismic engineering fields.

RetroFitting 360 was created to assist building owners and property managers, comply with the Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit program under the City Of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) ordinance, currently in affect as of October 2015.

Free Site Evaluation at Retrofitting 360 of Los Angeles

If you’ve recently received a “Notice of Order to Comply” and need a free site evaluation, or a comprehensive management package, our team will take you through the whole process and provide custom-designed solutions to fit your specialized needs. Our services include a free site evaluation, economical engineering, plans submittal, construction, financing, cost recovery, tenant coordination and Retrofit certification.

Our site evaluation is 100% free of charge. One of our Retrofitting 360 retrofit specialists will walk through your property, analyzing and assessing conditions in order to outline all necessary information as well as measures to be taken to comply with the Ordinance. Following the evaluation, you’ll receive an initial proposal. Read more about our evaluations here.


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  • Consists of 2 or more stories of wood frame construction
  • Contains ground floor parking or other open floor space
  • Built under building code standards enacted before January 1, 1978

Property owners must comply with the ordinance within the following time limits from receipt of the Order to Comply:

  • 2 years: Submit proof of previous retrofit, or plans to retrofit or demolish
  • 3.5 years: Attain permit to start construction or demolition
  • 7 years: Complete construction


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