When you hire RetroFitting 360, we take the hassle out of acquiring your Los Angeles soft-story retrofit permits. Your experienced contractor will file all of the documentation needed with city officials and the LADBS. While we do this for you, you may still have some questions. Don’t worry, we are here to answer them.

A detailed plan of the work that is needed on your structure needs to be submitted with your permit application. This plan shows all of the work that will be going into the retrofit of your building. Filing the application and work plan is just the first step towards acquiring the necessary permits.

Depending on which retrofitting firm you hire, the work plans may not meet all of the regulations of the Los Angeles city retrofitting codes. When this happens, city officials will send it back asking for corrections before they are submitted again. This costs you more in time and money and delays your soft-story retrofit project from getting started. With the deadline quickly approaching, no one has time for that.

Our contractors are skilled in the area of earthquake retrofits so the work plan they prepare will meet all of the city’s regulations, the first time. Not only do we take care of every step in getting your Los Angeles soft-story retrofit permits, but your RetroFitting 360 contractor will also handle all of the other agencies and departments within the city that are involved in a retrofitting project.

With over 90 retrofit projects completed and another 160 in the works, we know exactly what it takes to make city officials happy. Besides our contractors, our in-house staff is all experienced with the process of softy-story retrofits and with them overseeing the process, nothing will be missed. We jump through all the hoops so you don’t have to.

We here at RetroFitting 360 are committed to making your retrofit project as disruptive as possible. This is not only important to your business but your tenants as well. Our contractors and staff will be available to answer any questions your tenants may have. We aim to make the project run as smoothly as possible without completely disrupting their daily lives. This includes keeping driveways and parking spaces open and noise to a minimum. The good news for you is your tenants can call us with any problems, questions, or complaints. This gives you more time to go about your day.

RetroFitting 360 is a full-service seismic company that aims to deliver your soft-story retrofit in a timely, efficient, and above all, cost-effective manner. Once you hire us, you can relax knowing that a qualified professional will take care of you. From your initial consultation to the city inspection at the end of the project, we will be right there with you. Your contractor will update you on a regular basis if anything changes with the deadline, work needed or costs, so you will have no surprises when the work is finished.

For more information on obtaining your Los Angeles soft-story retrofit permits, contact RetroFitting 360 today. One of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment for you.

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