If you own, or live in, a building in Los Angeles an earthquake retrofit to your building is beneficial. But it is necessary in the cases of tilt-up or non-ductile concrete, wood, and masonry brick structures. Over the years, advances in modern technology and construction techniques have improved the safety and stability of structures built in seismically active areas, like Los Angeles. But buildings constructed before 1996, do not have these newer safety features.

Today, Apartment Retrofitting services are not only more dependable, but they are safer than before. While modern technology has helped to improve these services, you will still need a seismic expert who has the knowledge and skill to use them. An earthquake retrofit is not a DIY project. To get it done right you will need to hire a structural engineer and a seismic retrofit company for the initial assessment, design, and completion of the project.

How to Find a Professional to Retrofit Your Building

Before hiring just any Apartment Retrofitting company for this project, you need to ask some questions of yourself, and the potential companies you are considering.

Do I even need to get a retrofit? If your building is an older structure, appears to be shaky or was constructed with materials that are considered to be weak, like brick, then you need a retrofit. Knowing what your building is made of, the policies covering earthquake regulations, and the history of your structure will help you better answer this question.

How much training, experience, and specialization does your potential retrofitting company have? A seismic retrofit is very different from other types of construction projects. A general contractor just won’t cut it, you need one that specializes in earthquake related services.

How long will it take to complete? The answer here depends on the scope of the work needed and the size of the building. Houses and small buildings may be completed in just one week, while large office buildings could take a couple of months.

Who handles the permits? Like most construction projects, you will need a permit for your retrofit. If you hire a company that specializes in seismic retrofits they will know what permits are needed and will obtain them from the appropriate authorities.

Will your apartment building  be safe in the event of an earthquake? Call Retrofitting360 for more information and to get answers to your questions about earthquake Apartment Retrofitting.

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