If you own commercial property, or just rent, in the Los Angeles area, you have probably been hearing a lot about the mandatory earthquake retrofits. The city upgraded its building codes to ensure that buildings would be safer during, and after, an earthquake. Getting these modifications done is expensive, but it is something you must do to save lives and money later. A seismic retrofit is comprised of a number to steps, from beginning to end. Here are some of the questions our clients have asked.

How Do I Know if My Building Needs a Retrofit?

If your building was constructed before 1996, you are in need of retrofitting services. After the Northgate Earthquake of 1994, the city of Los Angeles created new building policies that cover life safety and they made it mandatory that all buildings constructed before that quake be retrofitted. Another way to know if your building needs modification is if you were issued a notice by the city.

What is This Going to Cost Me?

Until you have an initial assessment, there is no way to know how much it will cost. The total price depends on a number of things, the type of building you have, how many modifications it needs, how big it is, and the expertise of the retrofitting contractor you hire.

Will I Also Have to Hire an Engineer?

The answer is, yes. The initial assessment and project design should be done by a structural engineer. The professionals know the current building codes and safety standards, and you do want the job to be done right the first time.

Can I Do the Retrofit Myself?

Definitely not. An experienced engineer is necessary to draw up the plans. Once that is done, you will need a professional retrofitting company who has skilled contractors to oversee the job. An earthquake retrofit is a complicated construction job, so unless you are a seismic engineer, you don’t want to attempt it by yourself.

How Long Will the Project Take?

The answer to this one is that it depends. Like the answer to how much it costs, how long the project takes depends on the building itself, how many modifications it needs, and how experienced the retrofit team is that you hire. In some cases it may take a few days, and others it could be weeks or months before the work is done.

Once the engineer has drafted a work plan, you can call an earthquake retrofitting service and they should be able to give you quote on the length of time it will take to complete the project. An experienced company will perform the job with little, to no, disruption to your business during the process.

If you are in need of a Los Angeles earthquake retrofitting services, contact Retrofitting 360, or visit our website for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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