Be sure that your Los Angeles Retrofit Contractors has verifiable and recent experience in soft-story Retrofit construction. This should play a considerable role in the process of choosing the right contractor for your Soft-Story project. 

Selecting the wrong soft-story contractor can be the difference between eight weeks of construction and an eight month nightmare! 

Ask your potential Los Angeles Retrofit Contractor for a list of current jobs and insist on visiting these job sites.  The right contractor will furnish a list on the spot and will insist you do a site visit. If you can’t get the retrofitting contractor to do so – it’s a good sign that they’re a bad fit and you should move on to the next retrofit contractor on your list.


A solid Los Angeles Retrofit Contractor gets the job done the first time and without leaving a trail of unhappy clients.  While choosing your soft story retrofit contractor ask to speak with at least three clients they were contracted by and speak to them in person.  What you’ll hear from them will be a preview of your up and coming experience.  


Executing a soft story Retrofit job from start to finish can be very challenging. There are numerous factors to be taken into consideration before, during and behind the scene of any Retrofit job.  Good communication is crucial in order to successfully pull such a complicated production. 

The communication you’ll get during the screening and bidding process will be a good indication to what is up and coming. If a contractor can not get back to your bid request, or can’t get an accurate proposal professionally delivered in a timely manner, chances are the performance during the planing and construction phases won’t be any different.   

Before hiring a Los Angeles Retrofit Contractor, be smart and do your homework. 

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