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If you live in California, you typically expect the heat, sun and being able to go to the beach. Along with that, this area is known for earthquakes as well. With earthquakes, there is always structural damage going on whether you see it or not. That’s why Northridge retrofit contractors are on call to help you investigate and fix problems that you may have as a result to these natural disasters. We provide a safe and cost-effective soft-story retrofit program. 

Soft-story Retrofit Program in Northridge
A building that has three or more stories and is built over ground level is known as a soft-story design. The bottom floor would have windows and doors, thus usually being commercial spaces. So that the building remains stable there is a shear wall built to the structure. There are so many buildings in the Northridge area that are marked as a risk if another major earthquake should happen.

Since the ground floor doesn’t have a reliable shear wall, then if the ground does shake your building will collapse. If you have floors with garage areas or other open spaces that have beams which are not strong enough to hold up in a major earthquake. Buildings that were built after 1994 are subject to near structure building codes so they will be stronger and more reliable. However, if you have an older building it may not be safe. Northridge Retrofit is available to come to inspect your building and see if you need some help in making your building secure so it’s safe during the next earthquake.

If you own an apartment building, it’s extremely important to make sure it’s safe. If an earthquake comes through your tenants are going to be in the building and if the building collapses people will lose their lives. There have been victims of prior accidents that went forward to win lawsuits on apartment owners for loss of others or injuries. It is your responsibility to make sure that their home is safe and we can help you do that with our retrofitting contractors.

How does it work?
If you realize that your building falls under the category of not being safe, the next step would be to start retrofitting your structure. Our contractors will come out to your building and make an assessment of what needs to be done to make a plan on what needs to be done with your structure to make it safe. Retrofitting could mean to add in shear walls and add in steel frames. Once we know what we need, then we can get the permits we need in order to start the retrofit. 

Once the retrofit construction is done we will provide you with a full report and inspection of your building to ensure that it is safe for future earthquakes. Our Northridge contractors know that time is of the essence and we are able to get started right away to meet all deadlines. We know what is required within the city’s ordinance and soft-story specialties are our specialty. It’s important to be prepared. If your structure isn’t safe, it will collapse. Maybe not at the next earthquake, but there will always be more earthquakes and your building isn’t strong enough to withstand all of that abuse. 

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