Granada Hills Soft-Story Retrofit Contractor

Granada Hills is just one of LA’s high-income neighborhoods. While the area is not as densely populated as other suburbs, it does enjoy a diverse group of residents. The city is best known for its sports programs and recreation centers.  The community was named after the Spanish city of Granada and was originally labeled as a “great place to raise rabbits”. Today the area is made up mostly of young professionals. But like most of the greater Los Angeles area, many of its structures need a seismic upgrade. There is where Granada Hills’ soft-story retrofit contractors come in.

Since LA rolled out its mandatory retrofit program in 2005, retrofitting companies have practically appeared overnight. While many of these new companies offer reliable services, many others do not. When it comes time to hire a seismic retrofitting company for your property, be sure to choose one that you can count on, like RetroFitting 360. 

What types of buildings need a retrofit?

LA city officials assessed the damage after the huge quake of ’94, and compiled a list of structures that posed the most risk when the next earthquake hits. The most common types of buildings on this list are soft-story buildings. These buildings have three, or more, stories. They also have a ground floor that is open, usually a commercial space that has windows and doors. It could also include a parking garage. The main categorization of a soft story building is that it is built above ground level.

There are many solutions to retrofitting a soft story building. One option could be creating more shear walls that are better able to prop up existing floors. Or, if these walls already exist, they could be further re-enforced. As for parking garages, they may need extra steel beams or more columns to add more support.

Whatever modifications your building needs, you won’t have to worry about the details. RetroFitting 360, a reliable Soft Story Retrofit Contractor in Granada Hills, specializes in soft-story structures. They have years of training and experience to help make sure your building is able to withstand any future earthquakes. Remember, that while the soft story retrofit program is mandatory, it is done so with your safety in mind. It’s important that when the next big one happens, your tenants or workers will be safe inside your building.

How do I start my retrofit?

Los Angeles city officials spent quite a bit of time coming up with a plan to protect citizens and owners from the destruction seen in 1994. All buildings in the greater Los Angeles area were assessed and notices were sent out to the owners of structures that need to be updated. If you have received a notice, be sure to contact a professional Retrofitting Contractor in Granada Hills who specializes in seismic retrofits. A contractor, such as RetroFitting 360, will start by conducting an in-depth survey of your building. After the assessment is complete they will schedule an appointment to go over the details with you and to provide you solutions for your retrofitting needs.

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