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Our site evaluation is 100% free of charge. One of our specialists will walk through your property, analyzing and assessing conditions in order to outline all necessary information as well as measures to be taken to comply with the Ordinance. Following the evaluation, you’ll receive an initial proposal. If you have previously received an evaluation and would like to receive a second opinion to determine whether your property was incorrectly identified as an “at risk soft story building”, our experienced seismic engineers can perform a free site evaluation and run calculation to see if your property can be excluded from the Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program. If you fail to comply, you may face misdemeanor charges and can be subject to further prosecution and administrative enforcement under the Los Angeles Municipal Code. Don’t take the risk and schedule your free site evaluation today! The Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program Under Ordinance 183893 and Ordinance 184081 (targeting soft story apartment buildings consisting of 3 units or more), upon receiving a Notice of Order to Comply from LADBS, you’ll be required to provide proof of compliance with The Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program. The next step is to contact a RetroFitting 360 specialist and schedule an appointment in order to evaluate the condition of your building, and determine whether or not it is subject to the Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program.

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