Our experienced engineers have one goal in mind

Knowing the code will save you money. Understanding the nuances of the Ordinance and its required alterations (subject to the Los Angeles Municipal Building Code) is a key component in finding economical and compliant ways to reduce construction cost while keeping the structural integrity of your building.

The cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and more have set out an extensive checklist of documents and calculations including a requirement for certification from a P.E. (Professional Engineer). Any plans submitted not meeting the specifications is returned with corrections (red-lining) for re-submission. Our team of engineers consist of veterans from the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety and retired plan checkers which are extremely knowledgeable in preparing such plans. Rest assure your project will be handled only by the best and most experienced structural engineers in the city.

Every project is different depending on many factors, including size and complexity of the building. Our job is to analyze the existing condition of your building and produce cost-effective engineering plans to comply with the requirements of the new Ordinance.

Every project is different

Produce cost-effective plan

Understanding the nuances