Tenant coordination.

According to the amendment of Article 1 of Chapter XV of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, 50% of the total costs related to the mandatory seismic retrofitting work can be passed from owners to their tenants. In order to do so, the project must be completed first and the owner must provide proof of all associated costs prior to the approval of the Cost Recovery Plan. Part of our services includes getting all the proper documentation to the appropriate departments in the City in order to get the property approved by the Housing Department for rent increase.

Every project must be submitted to the Tenant Habitability Plan unit (THP) through the Housing department as part of the permit approval process and all tenants must be notified in writing in accordance with the Housing department specified time lines prior to commencing the construction work. Notifying and Working along with your tenants during the construction work will have a huge effect on the length and cost of your project.

Our project managers will work together with the building manager to establish a working relationship and make sure all tenants are informed of the working schedule and hours to ensure minimum interference with their day to day use of the parking lot as well as keeping the project on its time line. This will prevent any additional cost related to relocation of tenant should the project exceeds a reasonable time limit.

Establish a working

Cost recovery plan

Tentant Habitality